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As its name suggests, the Nike Kyrie Low Presents a profile when adding an emphasis on traction and relaxation. Despite that which was rumored, the Kyrie Low can be a shoe out of the Kyrie 4, also can be Kyrie Irving’s freshest take on a no shoe that again doesn’t violate our budgets. The shoe brings a few variations that are new while also keeping up the signature Kyrie appearance in mind. With its introduction on June 29th of the year, these walks can be found at the Nike web site having an MSRP of a reasonable price for a shoe made by the elite point guard. Its new colorway”Amarillo” comes with a wonderful golden outside with black accents onto its midfoot strap, Swooshes, and Kyrie branding. This year, the colorway dropped on August 15th. This review of this just-released Kyrie Low will pay for traction, durability, comfort, and cushioning, as well as both the material quality. 

Nike Men’s Kyrie Low Basketball Shoe


Materials & Appearance

The Nike Kyrie Low Performance has a thin, fused mesh appearance around the Upper area breathability throughout the shoe. This material also permits that shoe to be light and easy to move in. Despite no specific focus on its mesh besides the fuse overlay in the toe area and its simplicity towards its material cosmetics, the Kyrie Low creates its look, while still keeping the signature style intact. Because of the stuff being net, the shoe keeps its shape well and creates some flexibility in the courtroom.

The midsole is thick around the heels. Therefore it’s not built to be light in the foot. While the shoe does not possess the feeling quality of the fabric, it does get the job done well for a 110 shoe, something shoes have fought to accomplish previously. The consensus for how the material feels is you get exactly what you purchase, and it’s unquestionably cheap.

However, in terms Of how a shoe looks, I would say that it is among my favorite. The aesthetic maintains that Kyrie structure and is amazing in simplicity. It features its trademark Kyrie logo on its tongue, as well as its side that we thought looked powerful. Along with that symbol is an inscription saying, “Only be you” (maybe an ode into why he left the Cavs? ). Nike Swooshes appear on the side of the back of its speckled mid-sole area, the space, and also the strap. On the back part of the shoe is Kyrie’s Celtics jersey number. 


While the shoe doesn’t appear to be as lasting as shoes, I was amazed to see that it handled quite a beating in my indoor court at the gym after numerous play evaluations. Nevertheless, the durability is just not where these shoes were created to shine, plus it is viewed as having its low price and lightweight that is overall build. Its bottom is tender and soft, but its nubs haven’t ripped off after my games. This article will be updated time by me as I continue to play with the Kyrie Low’s within my turning. On an external court, ” I wouldn’t suggest it due to the consequences of its nubs. Keep this as strictly an internal shoe since you will figure out the traction is pretty darn good on a wood floor.

Comfort & Cushioning

This is where the Shoe is supposed to shine. With its Zoom Air cushioning bottom filled on the forefoot and heel, the Kyrie Low made playing basketball far convenient than plenty of shoes out there. It was not quite as effective as, say that the Kyrie 4, that contained top-loaded with Zoom units, permitting prompt engagement (click here to browse our Kyrie 4 inspection ). The show’s loaded Zoom units, nevertheless, allowed for an underfoot, while maintaining responsiveness and court texture.

This shoe shines when it comes to foot service and is a Reliable alternative for playing with hard and higher energy guard for the own team. In hours of playing, my feet never hurt after basketball sessions. It also shines with performance in terms of how it seems on the court, although the shoe gives some pretty good impact protection. The strap also helped me feel a bit more stable, particularly for harder crosses. It’s a bit of a pity that the shoe did not use cushion like they did with the Kyrie 4s around the midsole and instead opted for a pretty stiff but full-length phylon one that compresses just a bit. I could feel it, although it has already been noted that many folks are not discovering the Zoom that’s on any Kyrie new shoes or those. All you need to do is apply pressure as you chunk your heel with Zoom be-ing with this 1, and you’ll surely notice the difference.

The shoe, in general, also feels quite mild; however, on The ground, there is somewhat more going on. The shoe curves up at the toe tip, almost like some shoes, and it seems wonderful and enables faster experimentation. The relaxation is very good if you’re searching for a shoe, and you should find them.


I would not recommend this shoe since it’s a narrow shoe in the forefoot at first. It’s a pretty decent fit. If you also do need this specific shoe and are a footed person, you should go a size up. I would say this shoe is up to size since I’m quite a normal footed man, but it only needs some dividing. It felt very comfortable, although even then, it’s still somewhat narrow. It might feel uneasy wider people to get flattered because, in the middle, it becomes pretty thin.

Play with a few games on it, and also the shoe adheres to you. Notably, being a lightweight shoe developed for longer movement, I don’t reckon it will take longer to get used to it.

Nike Men’s Kyrie Low 2 Basketball Sneakers


Reminiscent of this Kyrie two and largely drawing inspiration The Kyrie Low has nubs on its only, having its rubber lines running perpendicular to one another, instead of the nubs of this Kobe 10 running laterally only. Just like every shoe, the traction got better since I kept breaking it until every stop I had given an excellent snack. Its stopping power was like the Kyrie 2, and it does seem to get a bit of dust, but that’s been expected of Kyrie shoes. Surprisingly enough though, the shoe could nevertheless function well with some dust on it – I felt barely any slippage while enjoying on the dusty indoor courtroom

Quick stops were not a problem at all for all those sneakers, and the Outside curvature is pronounced. This curvature helps when making the more explosive plays and extreme crosses guards, although I’ve experienced some lighter and quicker forward play Kyrie’s as well. The shoe also contains bands adding to the robust and competitive traction pattern. I scarcely had any heel slips with this during my games, and that’s not something that I could mention many other shoes can reach.


The Kyrie Low feels a whole lot more such as Kyrie 2, and is an absolute deviation from the Kyrie 4s. It’s important to be aware this is a budget, and it’s easy to share with the substances that make it up. But nothing else could show it. The grip is very good, comfort is awesome, and the worth excels in its lightweight nature to make you can make sure more abrupt movements as a guard. 

It seems slick. However, It is and aims for comfortability Narrow, at least until it breaks in, where it receives a bit better. The strap seems to be cool, and also traction with this is amazing and can help With stability. This lightweight shoe is tender on the ground, and its particular Nubs look as they can tear off readily, so I wouldn’t wear it to the surface court. The shoe’s reactive cushioning and good grip with The addition of the curved outsole over the edges lets you make some Strong and fast crosses. These shoes are pretty much built for guards And offer the support for it well. For this shoe, a retail cost Is far from a disappointment.    

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