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The Kyrie 4 has been the entrance in the Nike Kyrie Signature shoe line. In this Nike Kyrie 4 review, I will thoroughly inspect the grip, the texture of the shoe, the overall fit and comfortability, the stuff, the foot support, and the durability of this shoe.

Nike Mens Kyrie 4 TB Basketball Shoes (12 D(M) US) Black/White
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Much like almost any Signature shoe lineup, the Kyrie 4 finds that a blend between old materials and new substances. At the toebox, we have engineered mesh that is breathable and lightweight. Suede is added in toward the rear part of the shoe as well as mid-sole. Having suede in a basketball shoe is all up to consumer preference, but merely know that the material does not feel cheap or strange whatsoever. The net appears to be well done and focused in certain areas to enjoy the Kyrie 3. It remains pretty flexible, while never feeling as if it’d tear or snap apart as you go down and up the courtroom.

Substances are right to get a shoe in this budget. Nothing feels cheap, even though the price already retails on the entry-level of this spectrum.


This is the Most Critical change in between the Kyrie 3 and the Kyrie 4 shoes. For the latest Kyrie shoes, Nike kept the Zoom Air heel and attracted straight back Cushlon over the location. For all Cushion is an even lightweight and responsive foam material that has been commended for softness, resilience, and responsiveness. Play and cushion is just more comfortable to walk in.

The Kyrie 3 received plenty of criticism out of hoopers from the Phylon foam material utilized on its mid-sole. It felt the firm also showed on the court. When you have stiffness or sore foot muscles, the gap between the phylon and the comeback Cushlon mid-sole will likely be night and day because how much the Cushion is on the Kyrie 4s. It is quite thin, but that is a fantastic thing as that you don’t desire to bounce inside your shoe. This also offers a combination of actually reducing firmness when moving and adding feel.


Traction is going to play a very significant part in a Football shoe’s performance. Nonetheless, Nike Kyrie 4 Performance review seems even more important when it concerns the Kyrie signature lineup, only because it has built itself a good reputation in this department.

Whenever the Kyrie 4s were revealed, sneakerheads across the World expected the competitive yet familiar zigzag traction pattern. This rubber compound has been great at grabbing the floor. I shall say it took over a couple years to get the most useful of the grip of their shoe. The shoe did not break in as quickly while Kyrie 2s or even Kyrie 3 did for me. In quitting power and grip for acceleration and reductions in until I reached its potential, it required a couple of games.


Therefore can the texture and fit? They fit fairly true to As I’ve a horizontal and wider foot compared to male basketball players, although size, I opted for a half dimensions. The shoe’s middle area is what will make things uncomfortable if you have feet that are flat or wider. Other than that, a half-size it up feels. I’ve pickup games to be run by a few friends together with that provide the 4s, and all of them say it fits true to size. One point about the New kyrie shoes 4 lineup is that, like myself, it works pretty damn well for a flatfooted ball-player despite its rounder shape. Like some shoes perform cutting running along the court, moving and stopping on a dime gave me foot cramps.     

I might recommend this shoe guards for obvious causes. It matches Rather snug, which is virtually the ideal match for quick-moving point guards and shooting guards. As a guard myself, I still really like the cozy fit, as it seems in song and part of my legs. This gives you the confidence to complete what you want to complete on the court.

Foot support

The shoe comes with a healthy Quantity of cushioning and cushioning To support your feet within. The inner has a great deal of plush, and even though it can feel nostalgic. They have consistently needed padding around the chin and heel than sneakers. Again, this raises the idea of whether or not you want to have this type of shoe that is snug. It is all personal preference. Even though it might feel overbearing sometimes, especially if I come away from a shoe much less padding like Kobes, but in general, I like it because you will find very little heel slips.

Nike Kyrie 4 Tb Mens Av2296-600 Size 12
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The outsoles are curved once again to give that distinguished Nike Kyrie 4 be true look. I find it does help if doing cross overs, as my ankles flex to where the sides meet a floor anyway. If you do the same (that in’s basketball training suggestions, you will observe we suggest that you do), and a outsoles will last to help your own game.

As the outsoles are naturally broad, the Kyrie 4s (and also the Kyrie 3-s ) did not need outriggers for stability. The overall shoe arrangement, in addition to the padding on the inner, gives confidence in its equilibrium to me.


The”Confetti” colorway of this Nike Kyrie 4 on feet Arrived December 16th of Therefore a month before the publication of this particular review, 2017. This gave me ample time to wear-test the shoe, really giving it a go for durability. Most reviews of this Kyrie 4 turn days after discharge out. Per month and countless pickup games played with, I am delighted to state everything remains intact. No shoe worth purchasing is going to break after just one month of play, but I have taken a thorough way in reviewing the Kyrie 4s. I analyzed as far as I could to conduct the grip out of the ground, which is greater than any typical basketball player is going to do.

Surprisingly, none of the teeth came like a few other shoes Do. I anticipate they will eventually begin peeling off as most shoes with pasted teeth similar to this one do. To fix this, only put super glue, let it warm, and you should wake to play again and up.  


The Nike Kyrie 4 size 4 has been an incredibly fun shoe to spend hours. It is a budget-friendly shoe signed by way of a superstar in Kyrie Irving. Now that he could be in Boston and anxious to create his mark, look out to burst in every way imaginable. It is a shoe, complete with decent stuff, excellent on-court stability, and grip that is reliable.

It’s by an NBA among the basketball sneakers player. It’s quite comfortable, even for wide-foot players. It has excellent Cushioning and traction.    

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