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Nike Men's LeBron 15 vs. KD 10

Performance Reviews

Nike Men’s LeBron 15 vs. KD 10 – Kicks Heat Review 2020

Welcome back to a different one of the basketball shoe comparisons. Today, we present you with a decisive struggle between your KD 10 vs. LeBron 15, which we did a full performance review on here. The two are giants in terms of fame at the NBA, as two of the best small forwards in the game (we’re still waiting on Giannis’ signature shoe). Of course, both shoes will be best for the PF and SF positions, but I have experienced guards and men alike use.    

Nike Lebron 17 (Black/Black-White 9)



Within this comp, we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each shoe. Factors like durability, grip, and foot stability will determine that which comes on top between Nike shoe giants in today’s battle. For this guide, I re-tested both shoes, and instead of analyzing each’s performance, I compared them against each other. This means that specific information (such as material types, colorways, whether they’re much far better than their previous iteration, etc.) will be carried out in favor of broader observations for the sake of comparing the two. Check our performance reviews on each shoe in case you want those succulent, detail by detail shoe analyses. 

Either the KD 10 and the LeBron 15 reviews are fantastic sneakers inside their right, and also you cannot make a mistake buying one. This contrast is to find which you’re well worth purchasing if you can buy one. Let us have all on it.  


Moving onto actual performance, a number of the matters that should come to mind is traction. It’s notably more important for guards than it is for big and forwards men; however, court grip continues to be among the factors whatever position you play.

As stated in our inspection, the KD 10’s traction is not that exciting. The stopping power may be far better, although the blueprint appears fairly aggressive. Of course, a shoe at this price won’t cause you to slide to the courtroom. It still provides decent stop-and-go performance, but basketball shoes for guards — instill court grip and better dust-management.

LeBron 15’s are not much better. In actuality, I think the grip is the biggest weakness at the LeBron signature line. There are shoes out there that on-court grip far better than either of the shoes may. Neither LeBron 15’s nor the KD 10’s have squeakiness or dust control to his or her bottoms.

Despite traction being neither’s strong suits, I haven’t experienced slipping due to the clasp. They’re perhaps not wrong that you can’t play in either, although their quitting power may be improved, sure. Besides, big and forwards men do much chopping and agile movements that safeguards do. Though traction is essential (and also at least the grip is adequate both), it is much less evident if you play the bigger positions. 


The KD 10 has Zoom Air, which indicated it certainly one of those comfortable footwear for me. Impact protection was a higher note from the cushioning. Since the pillow felt a bit plushier compared to some of the cushions, responsiveness was much less useful.

Nike Zoom KD11 Mens Shoes, College Navy / University Gold, 10

The LeBron 15 additionally offers full-length Air. According to Nike, the 1-5’s attribute the first combination of Nike Zoom Air along with Max Air. Even the Air units are segmented into three parts, though, rather than being one unit completely. You have the forefoot, the mid-section, then your heels.  

The first thing you will discover from the LeBron 15’s cushion is just how high up the earth you feel. Since the design team puts a significant focus on impact protection, the Zoom Air + max-air combination is ultra-thick. The heel itself maybe your very most noticeable Zoom unit that is segmented only because of plush and how thick it is. This will create the shoe, but that is expected when it comes to any LeBron James trademark shoe. As far as impact coverage moves, though, that the LeBron 15 is the best in it since you always acquire soft landings as a result of superior pillow technology Nike devoted.

As for which cushion is better, purely on a technical degree, the LeBron 15 wins handily. The material is far much more complex superior and provides capturing security. Which pillow is right for you depends upon your preferences. Neither shoe ought to be worn by players who prefer an even feel. However, the basketball shoes KD 10 offer that as they are closer to the floor and provides a more relaxed feel compared to the 15. However, if you’d like the KD 10’s exceptional cushion multiplied by 5, proceed with the LeBron 15. While being cushion, it attracts unmatched influence protection.


I shall keep this brief and state are narrow shoes. I went of a size for the LeBron 15 and that I love the fit. From Nike kdx review, I went to size and that fit well, since I’ve got a foot form. For many players that are narrow-footed, I highly strongly suggest moving a half size down, only because both sneakers proceed a bit long. However, for those players, move true to size as the midsections on both shoes go sparse, and you will probably need this space. As the Flyknit stuff on both LeBron’s BattleKnit wraps well around your own feet, I wouldn’t stress about having too much wiggle room. 


I experienced shoes since their first release dates (KD 10″Anniversary” at May this past year and LeBron 10″Ghost” in October a year ago ) therefore plenty of on-court time has been given to both, not to mention the re-examining I needed to accomplish for this particular comparison.

As far as arrangement and shoe cloth extends, neither showed signs of wear. The Flyknit is done on both, and I have never had an issue with FlyKnit tearing or anything such as that. The rubber onto the KD 10, nevertheless, is a little lighter than what I prefer. It’d wear faster. I’ve done performance tests. The outsole on the LeBron is far more permanent, in my opinion.


This is never an easy question to answer; however, only from the technical standpoint that the Nike LeBron 15 true to size is superior. It has more impact protection, better Flyknit fabric, and is an outright durable shoe. Should cushion is your taste as a basketball player, the pillow is barred none at the basketball shoe industry. 

But, I’d say most forward (and shields, for that matter) goes with the KD 10 on the LeBron’s for a few reasons. While it still has a significant emphasis on the cushion, the KD 10 accentuates it far less than on LeBron James’ shoe. The heel isn’t too high up, while impact security is still there. Kevin Durant’s shoe is also lighter and slicker, so which is ideal suited for guards and also some forward.

If you rely more on a shoe and play with a position, go together using the LeBron 15. It’s a choice that focuses on landings that are milder and is made with the best Nike offers.

In the event you play with places or need a lighter, more on-court feel style shoe, the KD 10 is way better. The cushion may perhaps possibly well not be as dramatic as LBJ’s shoe, but it’s damn great at a more affordable price.         

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