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Nike Zoom KD 9 vs KD 10 Comparison

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Nike Zoom KD 9 vs KD 10 Comparison 2020

With the release of the KD 10 final 12 months, every basketball participant is trying to get a contrast between the newest one and also the KD 9’s. By stating these have become solid all-around basketball shoes, I will start this contrast guide. I enjoyed my time with the KD 9 now the KD X is in turning. Much like our additional Football shoe comparisons, we’ll discuss a couple of these elements which produce hooping shoes amazing. These include traction, overall durability (the KD 10 vs KD 9 review have been out nearly annually by the novel, and also the KD 9’s are out since mid-June 2016), foot stability, design, and fit.         



The grip pads onto the KD X seem far more competitive compared to the honeycomb-Esque clasp pattern on the KD 9’s. I have been a fan of patterns, and the KD 10’s seem to hit each of the major high-pressure points of this sole.

I give the advantage to this KD 10 here. It’s better at dust-free courts compared to the KD 9 is. One important thing to note, though, is I think that the traction pads wear out quicker than the KD 9. Naturally, I wear the KD 10 consistently, but it is past its prime concerning overall grasp.

NIKE Zoom KD 9 Men’s Basketball Shoes (11, University Red/White)


We spoke about it at our full-on KD 10 performance review. However, the cushion is much more powerful within this edition of the signature shoe lineup. Max Zoom Air makes its return with the 10 in a full-length manner. As the pillow is noticeably firmer, ” I do feel that the responsiveness with all the KD 10.

The KD 10 has my vote a bit more, but do not ignore the KD 9. It gets the very best impact protection Nike offers in basketball. The responsiveness to moves in both footwear is unmatched.


The KD 9 was the first shoe at their signature lineup. For taking steps forward, it was commended heavily. Nike decided to proceed forward with this particular concept; also, it looks to be paying down. There’s just something in the Flyknit of the shoes of KD.

For that iteration, Nike stepped up it using a cloth that was better knit. It seems premium. The knit on both the KD 9 and the KD 10 are not-cheap and soft; only the KD 10 has the advantage here because it takes it a step further.

On top of better Flyknit, I offer the stuff advantage to this KD 10 vs. the KD 9 because Nike eliminated the nasty net and substituted it with a smooth-looking suede. The 9’s only had Flyknit around the area and after that mesh into the heels by the midsole. For your KD X, Nike put across the midsole and much more Flyknit around the heel in faux suede. The tongue and collar are substituted with Flyknit; putting on the shoe is really much easier, and also, these two parts feel much better. These changes lead to a cleaner, more modern-looking basketball shoe.


Both shoes are long, as expected, with the majority of the shoes at Durant’s lineup. For the KD 10 celebration, go a half size down, since it’s the shoe. The KD 9 should fit true to a half size down, according to what narrow your feet are.   

Stability and support

This region is probably the weakest point for the KD 10 vs KD 9. Lock-down is there, due to the lacing system that is great and the well-padded heel. Even the lockdown that is mid-foot, though, was awful. Lateral motions like moving or cuts on defense with your opponent resulted in a shift around the center of the feet. The KD 9 was criticized because of this, and unfortunately, it hasn’t changed much with the KD 10.

Nike Men’s Zoom KD 10 Basketball Shoe (11 D(M) US, Racer Blue/Light Menta/Black)


I experienced the pleasure of having shoes around their respective discharge dates. Therefore I have luckily been analyzing them their entire lifetimes available on the market. Both shoes have their advantages and disadvantages for durability.

The KD 9 shoe wins traction durability. The pads are harder, and also the rubber chemical wears slower out. The clasp might have been better with the 9, but the durability is not there. Even the ten and its clasp prime does pass however it still gets got a higher grip.

That I feel that the KD 10 beats the KD 9 for its Flyknit and use of it like mid-heel, collar, along with the tongue.

The cushion on the KD 10 is more resilient and improved. Provided that I’ve had this, I haven’t needed a single KD 10 shoe soda from the Max Zoom Air, whereas that used to be a problem among players. I would probably attribute this into the firmer, more bouncy Zoom Air. 


I believe it is safe to convey the KD 10 readily surpasses the KD 9 all black in overall appearances and fashion. See the Materials section above.

Flyknit to the collar, and the heel, tongue, together with replacement of mesh to Shrimp at the mid-soles addition can make very aesthetically-pleasing KD shoe to date. Because Nike made the shift to full Flyknit, they have made some beautiful colorways such as the multi-color Flyknit 10’s. The system also increases the attractiveness of the shoe.

If you are not fond of all Flyknit, I guess I can easily see why some may prefer the KD 9 compared to the KD 10. Still, in a few colorways that the nine looks buttery using a half-mesh structure. The KD X gets the jump to your shoe, plus it makes it seem that much cleaner overall.


To conclude, I shall comfortably take the KD 10 over the 9 in just about all scenarios. Don’t get me wrong. Both shoes also have already been staples in my basketball shoe, turning for a short time and work. I enjoy the grip, aesthetics, and also fit (additionally, setting the 10’s on is in an easier way with the improved tongue/collar) longer with the KD 10.   

If you were to get one at a high price, proceed for the 10. Performance-wise the KD 9 is a stable shoe and executes very much like the 10, should you see a purchase or even perhaps a colorway, therefore definitely still cop them you like. Looking at the shoe, though, I pick the KD 10.    

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