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Adidas Dame 4 On Feet Quick

Performance Reviews

Adidas Dame 4 On Feet Quick Review

Here we will post photographs of the Adidas Dame 4 on foot, so you get a general idea of how it looks. On foot, images are valued because it gives you a better picture of how the shoes look and fit. Sometimes simple pictures of the shoes by themselves don’t do its design justice. Usually, on-foot drawings are done for more casual shoes. But on-foot images of basketball shoes like the Dame 4 are still relevant because they are still something of a fashion statement on the court, not to mention some people wear them casually. It is also sometimes helpful to get on feet pictures of basketball shoes to see how their colorways mix and match with different basketball gear.

One thing to note is that not all of these images are from our authors. We don’t own every single colorway of every shoe, as much as we would love to. That would cost far too much and is simply not practical, even for authors of a sports shoes review website. With that said, most of the Dame 4 on feet pictures embedded below are from us showcasing their fit after doing a few performance examinations on them.

Adidas Men’s Dame 4, White/Black/Scarlet, 8 Medium US

BA players wearing Dame 4 on feet

Below are some images of NBA players wearing their Dame 4’s in-game. Only some players are featured, but among the most frequent Adidas Dame, 4 wearers in the NBA are Donovan Mitchell, Jaylen Brown, CJ McCollum, Austin Rivers, Goran Dragic, Ricky Rubio, and of course Damian Lillard.

Donovan Mitchell is probably one of the NBA’s biggest fans of the Dame 4’s, wearing them almost every game. As one of the two front-runners for Rookie of the Year, he’s gained subtle levels of popularity in the NBA. His continued support for Lillard’s shoe doesn’t go unnoticed with sneakerheads.

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