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Under Armour Curry 5 Performance

Performance Reviews

Under Armour Curry 5 Performance Review 2020

The most recent variant from the Curry 5 review, aims to maximize speed and agility while maintaining lock-down and responsiveness. I am going to get straight to the point: despite this shoe’s glossy, slim look, I must state that it’s on a budget of this spectrum of shoes we’ve examined only at KicksHeat. Also, it’s mostly due to two unfortunate issues. As consistently with all our shoe reviews, we love to provide these shoes evaluations that are more difficult to get the absolute most out of them, and this one was no exception.

Along with that, I also run a couple of games or longer to get performance run-in with the shoe, and I like to get on the court. I could finish the testing period. Read the review to find out more. Criteria for these tests incorporate the shoe grip.     

Under Armour Men’s Curry 5 Basketball Shoe



Materials & Aesthetic

The shoe has a stretchy stitched on the top that’s constructed to conform to the player. Because of the knit and thin cloth at the upper place, the shoe gives decent ventilation. The shoe also offers Anafoam about the heel and the forefoot to provide better lockdown to the shoe. To put in this, besides, it includes a lacing system to increase the lock-down further. The shoe has a very low profile and low to the ground design. After a couple of bounces that are heavy and wears, the shoe will not also tend to make marks at which it’s compacted. I didn’t anticipate the substances of the shoe as before I got them. I researched what the shoe comprised in terms of materials to produce it lightly. The shoe arrived at an incredibly light 11.5 oz.


One of many squeakier shoes available on the current market, this shoe works quite well in a cleaner father. However, the court needs to be nearly glamorized clean for all these shoes to reach their potential. Like there is no tomorrow on any other court, the shoe picks dust upward. The dust also likes to have stuck in even, and between the grooves in the surface, which you must constantly wipe. As you can have that the shoe gradually lose that bite that it provides you only a glimpse of, it isn’t very pleasant. This provides a feel for this if bite, and it comes down to traction to the shoe. This shoe is guaranteed to select this if there is a speck of dust in the courtroom. Even with hard wipes, I would still discover the traction not to be that which I’ve loved escaping of the shoe and initially found.

If you’re fancy and also have been playing on a court that is clean, this shoe may work wonders. It bites to be a total beast. The shoe appears to have already been assembled for the NBA court, or even out. These shoes should be useful, as the rubber is thick and hard. The shoe’s grip pattern is a diamond-square contour on the forefoot, behaving as a point. That’s also where the shoe visibly picks up a lot of dust.


The Under Armour Curry 5 review shoe seems to lack a lot of pillow inside. That is only because Curry prefers to be low to the ground, and it has represented a lot inside this shoe and a lot of his preceding lineup. It is often regarded as mostly stiff by reviewers but additionally does give a slight level of compression and a small bounce for it. Comfort is distinct from player to player on account of everyone having different foot types and sizes, and to me personally, what this shoe offers concerning relaxation is commendable. I have a pretty normal foot, and also, the shoe gets these fuse welds in the region, which can result in a lot of cutting edge and chafing inside there. I know that the shoe targets to get a real”on-court” texture, but this also creates an uncomfortable feeling for people that like cushioning.

The stretchy knit on the area does give a bit of manner and conforms to the player, however only on the upper side. Since it ensures that your arches are in contact with the fuse welds, the strong shoe lock-down nearly appears to put on back it. Other reviewers round additionally report that they’ve been getting injuries from the shoe and that when you wish to wear it, you’d likely need to tape up your foot, very similar to how Curry others do so. It’s just a good deal of problem onto the shoe, and it’s nearly like it was not promoted towards shoe consumer along with the basketball player.

Fit & Court Appeal

To brighten things up, however, the shoe has some responsiveness. The shoe advertises Under Armour’s Anafoam zones from the forefoot wall along with heel that we can not complain of, as those parts weren’t the area that I had been explicitly having trouble. All these zones are made to lock in the foot, and I need to say it did do that endeavor. It was a bit blistered by the arch place and cut just while my foot was locked. Other reviewers complain that the lacing system, meant to include to lockdown, is painful also. It notes that EVA is cushioning to assist with responsiveness, and it completed the task.

Bazi Sport Men’s UA Curry 6 Lightweight Basketball Sports Shoes 7 M US

The Curry 5s, oddly enough, has a pretty wide base. Design that is low to the floor and its wide temperament generate something I have to rearrange the shoe, some firmness. Himself noticed that equilibrium and wideness of this shoe has been something which contrasts with the Curry 4, that the aim, that lacked protection. Oddly enough, reviewers seem to be divided with all the fit. Some say that the fit is fantastic, while others also wonder how a shoe is a commodity with its particular match. The shoe is fairly wide on the area, however quite narrow. If you still decide to obtain the Curry 5, it does at least run into size, but wide footers may want to conduct up a size, however more likely avoid it.


The painting onto the shoe round the mid-sole tends to wear, and that isn’t a performance issue; however, a more aesthetic one that I thought must be added. If strong movements and hard quits are always a portion of one’s playstyle in addition to the compression marks may also appear. On the performance side, however, the rubber outsole is extremely thick and hard, which needs to be good even outside. I’m not convinced the at top and connecting to this EVA will hold. The midsole area itself only looks like it gets beat up from the compression, but it may play a heavy part in the overall durability of this shoe. I do not think it’s much besides compression marks,” So I feel the Curry 5 is pretty solid in terms of durability. While it may not look like that, the shoe is pretty strong and undergone the tests we put them through. I say the durability is so strong. If you possess thick or strong beams for the foot and playing outside, this shoe will work wonders. That is very specific, and there are probably better shoes out there, which can complete the work just as well and most likely even better than these.  


The Under Armour Curry 5 is probably one of the most beautiful with its own colorway choices but is kept back with its grip and cushioning program. It had a lot of possibility with the exceptionally strong initial sting of its own hard, thick rubber, but accumulates dust extremely quickly and latches on it, resulting in a sort of inconsistency in regards to playing on most judges. With minimal effect protection that would usually be to be expected from the Curry line, I’m not a fan of this shoe. It is just slightly redeeming qualities the solid responsiveness, rubber durability, and strong lockdown, but is substantially overshadowed by very obvious issues. Its fuse welding arch field of Curry 5 blisters and cuts lots (including me) on the side of their feet, and its particular lacing system, whereas assembled for lock-down, can become rather  debilitating. That is straight up the most peculiar Curry shoe. Overall, I should you wind up buying Curry 5 footlocker, beware of the injuries, and do not suggest this shoe and tape your foot. This shoe is a relatively insecure purchase, and will only just accurately fit a significant multitude of people so that I would indicate simply avoiding it and also to search for different shoes out of the Curry brands.

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