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how often should i buy basketball shoes


How Often Do You Buy Basketball Shoes?

This is a question I get a lot as a sneakerhead. For casual wear, I buy sneakers very frequently. The same goes for basketball, although that is moreso to test and analyze the best sneakers for our performance reviews section. I am just going to answer this question — which, by the way, we appreciate — with my own personal style and give a little bit of my own advice for buying shoes. As you know, the hobby can get very expensive. That is perhaps one of the reasons we get questions like this, because sports gear do get pricey if you are always buying them.

Basketball sneaker rotation

My basketball shoe rotation is constantly changing. I rotate between sneakers for a few reasons. The first is that I am usually testing even when I am not working on a KicksHeat article. It is my goal to examine sneakers for on-court performance and find the best ones available. The second reason is that it really depends on my feeling or mood for the day. Different basketball shoes offer different things. Some shoes offer better traction while others offer more cushion and comfortability. If I feel like giving my KD’s a run, I will put them on instead of the regular Kobe AD’s I usually have on. If I know I am going to be on a dustier court, I will slip on the Kyrie’s or Damian Lillard shoes, since I find those manage dust a lot better than my Kobe’s do.

Here is my current sneaker rotation, in order of most frequently worn:

  1. Kobe A.D. “Midnight Navy/Pure Platinum”
  2. KD 10 “City Edition”
  3. Kyrie 4 “Confetti”
  4. KD 9 “Unlimited”

I do have another pair of the Kyrie 4 in a different colorway, but the “Confetti” is still my favorite despite being the first one released. Also another thing to note is that I keep both KD 10 and the older KD 9 in rotation. The reason for this is because I was testing the KD 10 to provide input for our full review. The KD 9 to me is still the better shoe, but I have nothing against the 10, which is very solid in its own right. The Kobe A.D. is my go-to shoe currently.

Sometimes you just can’t resist a colorway drop

So I have 4 shoes in rotation, but I do understand that is a bit much for the typical basketball player. Don’t feel pressured to think you need 4 shoes in rotation! I am not well off by any means; the only real reasons I have so many I constantly play in are 1) I performance test and write for and 2) I am naturally a madman when it comes to sneakers. It is probably my only hobby, so whatever extra money I can budget for entertainment simply goes to sneakers.

Before I wrote for, I would usually only have one basketball shoe to wear. I play in it until it wears out, then I buy something else and only use that one. That is usually how it goes for most basketball players.

So how regularly do you purchase basketball shoes?

Now it comes to the question. I don’t have a set schedule of purchasing new basketball shoes. It isn’t like I buy one every week or whatnot. My process for purchasing shoes goes something like this: find news on the latest colorways for my favorite shoes, find their release date, see if I have the money for it, then purchase. If it is an older colorway, I will see if I can buy it used at a discount. So the answer to this question is that it depends. It depends on the shoe, the colorway, its release date, whether or not I can find a discount for it, etc.

But if I really had to average it out over the course of a month, I would say I add probably 2 new shoes to the collection each month. It will never be as much as I would like, since new colorways seem to debut each week, but it does result in a bunch of new shoes over time. Again, most of this sneaker collecting is for the sake of performance reviews and my unhealthy obsession with getting the latest sneakers. Luckily for our KicksHeat readers, we do the work for you and thoroughly examine each shoe. You really only have to buy one or two pairs max each year since we are always uncovering the best ones. For example, check out our comparisons page, where we do shoe battles between some of the top ones right now. This only helps you guys as we can compare popular shoes and help make the decision for you.

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