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basketball return system


Best Basketball Return System

There are two types of basketball return systems. Well, there is a third one (an actual machine that passes it back to you), but unless you are a professional athlete, I would assume most consumers do not have the budget for that and are looking for something more practical.

  1. Under-rim basketball return chute
  2. Basketball return net

If you have an outdoor basketball hoop, you are most likely looking for a solution to get your basketball returned immediately to you. It gets incredibly annoying having to chase the basketball after making it, as all you want to do is shoot the ball in succession as if you have a personal trainer. Even more annoying is missing and having to run after the ball, go back to your spot on the court, set your feet again, and shoot the ball once more. These best basketball return systems are not going to be perfect, but they help tremendously in efficiently getting the ball back to you, whether you make or miss it.

The first type of return system installs directly underneath the rim. It works through angles, returning the ball to where the shot came from. The second type of basketball return system is called a return net. It works by being a safety net around your hoop and leading the ball back to you. Both methods are excellent for both beginners and advanced ballplayers. While neither will replace having another person get your rebounds and pass it back to you, they are simply the best solution to returning your basketball to you for one-person shooting drills.

Best basketball return device

The best ball return device is going to be a return net. While they are slightly more expensive than basketball return chutes but are naturally the better option since they pick up your misses far better than a return chute does. Whether you make it or air ball, the return net has a broader range and brings the ball back accurately.

Basketball Return Nets

The best ball return device is going to be a return net. While they are slightly more expensive than basketball return chutes, but are naturally the better option since they pick up your misses far better than a return chute does. Whether you make it or air ball, the return net has a wider range and brings the ball back accurately.

Basketball Return Nets

Rolbak Platinum Basketball Return Net

The Platinum return net by Rolbak is our first choice for getting the ball back during shootarounds. Rolbak does have a more affordable loss called the Rolbak Silver Return Net, which we have also tested. The Platinum net, though, it has far superior polyethylene netting material and a wider reach. It was much more durable than the Silver counterpart during our testing while retrieving far more basketballs.

The Rolbak Platinum net suits basketball hoops with 72-inch backboards. Be sure to measure your backboard’s width before purchasing, as this one only fits 72-inch backboards. If you have a smaller backboard, consider Rolbak’s cheaper option, which suits backboards between 48-60 inches in width.

Another advantage this premium Rolbak net offers is more stability with 4 water bags and a hefty webbing harness. We tested the loss while shooting with multiple basketballs at the same time, even weighted ones, and it remained secure. 2 sandbags only support other basketball return nets. Out of all the other return nets, Rolbak has the clear advantage in net durability, stability, and overall reach to get you your rebounds.

SKLZ Rapid Fire II

The Rapid Fire II is the upgraded version of the original Rapid Fire by SKLZ. It is a broader and more efficient net, albeit less affordable than the original. The Rapid Fire II could easily take the #1 spot as best basketball return net if not for its retail price. We are looking for affordable return systems here, and it just so happens that the Rolbak Platinum return net is cheaper and does the job just as well.

Rapid Fire II is an excellent option because of its vast net reach. It not only nets underneath the backboard but around it as well. The returned net is installed with two solid poles to the side of your backboard and propped up by two ground mounts. The result is a basketball return system that catches almost all your shots, make or miss. Out of 50 shots taken, we only had to retrieve 2 of them ourselves. The net returned the rest of them duly.

Purchase the Rapid Fire II if you are looking for a wider return net and have more physical space to install it with. It is the most expensive system on our list, but it is well worth it. You get more of your balls back with a broader net and the basketball comes back at waist level due to the standing ground mounts.

Basketball Return Chutes

These are less efficient than ball return nets, but are cheaper and more convenient to install. There is a tradeoff here, but they still work well. Perhaps the most significant disadvantage to using a ball return chute is that it will not rebound your misses for you. Because they install directly underneath the hoop, you will need to make the shot for the return device to work. Of course, this should not be a problem for advanced shooters, but for those just starting in basketball, it may not be the best return solution.

SKLZ Kick Out 360 Degree Ball Return System

The SKLZ Kick Out is the first basketball return chute. Install it right under your rim, and its structure will allow made shots to return to you. The best part of this SKLZ system is that the chute itself is adjustable. There is a small adjustment handle that lets you fine-tune where the ball returns to. For instance, if you need to practice your mid-range jump shots from the corner, adjust the Kick Out chute toward that corner and continue shooting from there.

Through a few weeks of frequent use, we found this chute to be the most durable out of all the other ones. It was much easier to install as well since it clips right on the rim itself.

Spalding Back Atcha Ball Return

The Back Atcha is a small basketball return device that installs on the rim. It is made with metallic material and is overall very durable and stable. It is not adjustable like the SKLZ Kick-Out is, but it is a cheaper alternative for those that want a return device. It works decently well, though, of course, you can get far better results with an actual chute or return net. It has lasted several weeks of testing, so durability and stability are there.

As will all return chutes, this one only works on makes. It has a fairly wide range for makes, so if you need a simple and affordable solution for one-person shootarounds, Spalding makes a right product.


The best return system is a net that wraps around your backboard. Return nets and return chutes both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you were to purchase just one type of ball return system, however, we highly recommend installing a net for your hoop. This works for both outdoor and indoor basketball rims.

If you can afford it, the ideal return system is both a net and a chute. We did not think of this as a solution until after we tested the various products above individually. But after installing the net and then the SKLZ Kick-Out chute, we found it was a fantastic combination. For misses, the net has your back and will return the ball to you. For makes, the chute brings the ball back, especially for corner shots, which losses have a harder time recovering for you.

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